For Organizations

Apogee Leadership Consulting recognizes that people are an organization’s most important asset. We develop tools and solutions to help organizations strategically manage their talent through all stages of the employee life cycle. We help answer questions such as:

Do you have the talent needed for the future of the organization?
What does successful leadership look like at all levels of your company?
Are your employees performing at the highest level?
Who are the next generation of leaders within your ranks?



Leadership Model
People have an inherit desire to know where they stand. Where do they measure up against the requirements for the organization? Clearly defining the requirements for success makes it easier to identify and develop leaders internal and external to an organization. Apogee Leadership Consulting can help you to establish a new leadership model based on your organization’s unique culture or work with you to review and refine an existing model to today’s ever-changing business environment. This is not an off-the- shelf leadership model, but one that we develop together to suit your business and your culture. Once a leadership model is in place, it will form the basis for leadership assessment, coaching, and team development.

Leadership Assessment for Selection
Hiring and promotion decisions have a significant impact on an organization from an employee engagement perspective as well as overall cost. We reduce the uncertainty involved in selection decisions by providing an objective perspective on a potential candidate. Through behavioral interviews coupled with other test results, we provide feedback on a candidate’s strengths, development opportunities, potential to advance beyond the hiring role, and make suggestions for onboarding and development planning.





Leadership Assessment for Development
Assessments provide a wealth of information that can be used to highlight strengths and potential blind spots for any employee. This information is invaluable when designing a development and/or succession plan. It also provides a clear picture of a leader when entering into an executive coaching relationship.

High Potential Leaders
Years of experience identifying and working with high potential leaders in many different organizations and industries has given us a unique perspective on what sets apart certain leaders from the rest. We leverage this knowledge to:

Assess and identifying leaders with potential to advance
Coach high potential leaders for success in their current role and prepare for future roles in the organization
Develop programs designed to challenge high potentials to their highest performance

Facilitation, Retreats, and Workshops
It is easy to become caught up in the day-to- day. Taking a moment to pause, switch gears, and break away can create the space we need to learn, grow, and develop new thinking. We develop and provide programs on a variety of leadership topics that can be customized for you, your team, and your organization. Looking for a learning opportunity that is truly different, ask about our leadership adventures, which take your group outside for new and exciting leadership lessons.



Succession Planning
Conducting an internal audit of leadership capabilities helps an organization gain a clear 
understanding of where the talent needs are for the future and can help focus leadership development efforts in way that is more effective and efficient. We work with organizations to identifying key leadership roles and responsibilities for the future of the business, conduct a leadership audit of those in place, and make recommendations for development and recruiting.