For Teams

Bringing together individuals with different experiences, diverse backgrounds, and distinct roles is a common organizational challenge. Teams at all stages of development face certain challenges to performance such as aligning on direction and goals. Apogee Leadership Consulting provides solutions designed at driving high performance through teams.

Team Assessment

Understanding the current dynamics of a team sets a basis for moving forward. We provide feedback to the team leader(s) as well as the team that sets the stage for constructive conversation about the team as well as how individual performance plays into a team’s overall performance. The assessment process also surfaces focus areas that will help drive a higher level of performance.

Team Coaching

We partner with your team to seek ways to increase performance and results. We bring a unique outside perspective to garner insight from team members and facilitate team learning.

Team Off-Sites
Whether you are a team that works closely together every day or rarely sees each other, bringing everyone together away from the office can yield a variety of benefits. Let us help you plan and facilitate your next offsite to ensure that your goals are met.

Team Adventures
This is the perfect way to blend team building, team development, and team coaching away from the office. Getting your team out of the office and out of their comfort zone is a great way to open up their minds to new learning and innovative solutions. From half-day off-sites to overnight adventures, we can design an adventure-learning program that suites everyone on your team and provides a common experience as part of team and leader development. Team adventures can build on or build in team assessments and coaching as part of the experience.